Wednesday, September 14, 2016

Day 8-Aix En Provence to Portovenere, Italy

Long travel day. We left about 9:30 by Quibus...the French version of Greyhound when Greyhound was nice and clean. With several stops along the way, including a uni-potty experience, we made it to Genova, Italy about 3:30. It was a pleasant and scenic journey. We then got on a train at 5:00 to La Spezia, Italy and took a cab to our hotel in Portovenere. Oh my, what a scenic place. We have a beautiful room with a spacious terrace overlooking the harbor on the Mediterranean Sea. We can see private yachts...million dollar ones anchored in the harbor. Wow.
After a long day we were hot, tired and starving. We found a restaurant in a nearby hotel and enjoyed some wonderful risotto and ravioli. Both filled with fresh seafood.
Our location is gorgeous but quite a hike it seems to the center of town. We are going to explore it tomorrow and see. We need to find some inexpensive places to eat, and shop of course. It is supposed to rain tomorrow...but we are prepared with rain jackets and an umbrella.
I've never been able to travel in September since Emily was 4...she's now almost 35 and I must say it is a fantastic time of year to travel abroad. Nothing is crowded and most hotels etc are discounted, but the weather is still good.
Just as my ear was getting tuned into hearing French all around me, and learning a few words, here we are switching again. We were a little nervous about the trip today, because neither of us know any Italian and we were using public transit. Having tickets ahead of time and maps helped. Also, once we got to Italy, everything was listed at the train station in both Italian and English, so there was no worry. And there is always Google translate. On the way home from dinner tonight, we were so punchy we started making up our own Italian words, which seemed extraordinarily funny at the time.
Tired tonight, but happy. I will say Ciao!, which I found out tonight is only used among friends. And if you are reading this probably boring travelogue you are certainly one.
PS the "wee-fee" here is very strong and fast!!!

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  1. Nel mezzo di cammin de nostra vita, mi ritrovai selva oscura -- Dante, Divine Comedy
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