Thursday, September 8, 2016

Day Two-Barcelona

Last night we were still awake at 3:30 since our body clocks had not adjusted.  Finally sleep came and we slept until 11, even though we had the alarm set for 9. I realized today that in the the five times I've been abroad, this is the first time I haven't been on a set tour groups to meet.
After a leisurely breakfast (brunch) of delicious toast with Brie and smoked ham, we set off to explore the city some more. I realized already last night that I packed ALL WRONG. 80 degrees in September in Minnesota is different from 80 degrees in July and it is HOT here like July. I have one pair of capris, jeans and a jean skirt. I put the skirts on but quickly realized that sweaty thighs were not what I wanted to deal with all day, so I changed into capris and a tank top. My hair quickly went into a ponytail. So much for looking cute in Barcelona. Lol. I know, I truly do, that these are first world problems.
We walked to a famous cathedral by the architect Gaudi which was started in the 19th century. It is still not completed and is a mess of architectural styles, spires and cranes. My aunt told me tonight that the term "gawdy" actually came from his designs. It really is an awesome sight though. We walked about 2 miles to get there. Unfortunately we never thought that we would need tickets. Dumb. The wait was 3 hours and we decided that it was too hot to wait. We started back, had lunch at a wonderful outside cafe, shopped, found an authentic soccer jersey for my son-in-law and had a fascinating conversation with the shop owner. He is a Kurd, who left for Turkey, before leaving there because of the instability and is now in Barcelona. He has seen and lived through a lot. He told us that the report that the borders of Turkey being secure is a lie. As someone who has lived through civil war and terrorism he told us that there is a huge international fear that Trump will be elected. We didn't engage in that conversation too deeply but it was one he obviously felt passionate about.
We began the walk back and found an H and M store where I bought some lighter weight clothes at a cheap price . Went back to Qu Qu...a charming outdoor restaurant where we enjoyed stuffed olives, and a delicious seafood paella. Along with great wine of course. We are amazed at how reasonable things here are.
We ended the long days walk with a trip to a vertical shopping mall. One whole floor was dedicated
to every fragrance you could imagine.  If you went down a floor, it was a full grocery story and liquor store. We didn't explore any more because the noise, the heat and the overly bright lights were starting to make me dizzy.
We are ending the evening on a beautiful poolside terrace with a glass of wonderful Spanish wine.. Tomorrow is the Picasso museum and a walk to the harbor and the beach.
11,000 steps today!!!


  1. Tapas galore ~!!~ sounds like you kids are having a great time. Thanks for sharing your fun!